How to Measure College Advertising Campaign Success

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Metric Tracking

A common question in college student advertising is “how do you track the success of the campaign?” This is especially difficult when a college advertising campaign includes multiple touch points such as student newspapers, digital, and out-of-home. Thankfully, there are many applicable tools and processes.

Recently, the team at OnCampus Advertising attended a TastyBytes luncheon hosted by Millard Brown Digital at the Menton Restaurant in South Boston. This event, entitled “Getting Digital Right”, featured a panel of analytic experts who discussed how to effectively tap into Big Data and Optimize campaign success.

The main themes were:

Setting the Goal – Have a clear simple definition of success
Great Content – Campaigns don’t succeed without the right content delivering the key messages
Attribution –Give credit to all elements of the campaign not just the last click
Know the story – What is the story the brand is trying to tell and what role does the media play
Understand the Data – Sift through the data to find the important nuggets
We will be posting a series of blogs touching upon the topics highlighted in the discussion and explaintheir relevance to college media advertising. Today we will cover setting a goal.

It sounds easy, but setting the singular goal to a campaign can be difficult. If you have multiple goals, then it’s difficult to optimize the success of the campaign as different tactics succeed in different areas. Some common goals are:

Like any marketing campaign, there are a myriad of different ways to measure the success of a college advertising campaign’s goals: Impressions, CPC, CPA, CPL, Conversions, Engagements, Brand Lift, and Sales are just a few of the metrics available.

In college marketing, it is important to understand the audience and what you want them to do. Do you want them to tweet about your services? Visit your web site? Shop at your store? Sign-up for the newsletter? Determine what your campaign hopes to achieve.

When the goal is established, OnCampus Advertising can help you reach the students through the appropriate mediums for the campaign. We can work with you to set the campaign tracking and metrics so that the results reflect your campaign goals.

Aligning college advertising campaign tactics and measurements with your overall goals is the first step to college marketing success.

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