How Your Brand Can Receive the Millennial Stamp of Approval

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It’s no secret brands millennials love receive a lot of buzz, recognition, and following to see what they do next. With these tips, every company regardless of size will be able to obtain the kind of recognition and following that millennials strive for in a brand.

Lose focus on the concept of life stages.

Millennials have strayed far from the traditional life cycle stages that their parents followed. It is no longer safe to assume that college students are starting at age 18 or 19 and every 22 year old has a degree. Instead of focusing on life cycle stages, focus on social groups and what tastes differentiate the group from each other.

Mobile optimization is necessary.

This shouldn’t be a new concept for businesses. 85% of college students own a smartphone, so it is key to have online websites translate seamlessly to mobile websites and apps. Make sure your call to action is clear and well-designed on mobile.

Speed up.

As millennials are the generation of now, they aren’t keen on waiting around for much. Slow websites, emails, ads and posts are an immediate turn-off for this generation.

Keep it real.

Millennials are no different than older generations and can easily see through gimmicks, false advertising, and cheesy slogans. They also aren’t afraid to call out unauthentic brands, which will put a brand in an unfavorable spotlight.

Find a target niche.

Narrow broad targeting by finding a specific niche of your target market. What type of college students are you looking to target? Female? Multicultural? Sporty?

Capture their attention.

Millennials will appreciate images, videos, and GIFs and are more likely to stop and stare at an advertisement or post that incorporates them. Humor is also something that grabs their attention as they are more likely to share with friends a witty pun or a humorous joke. Twitter is now autoplaying GIFs and videos automatically in order to grab users’ attention while scrolling through newsfeed.

Recognize what’s going on in pop culture.

Keep up to date with pop culture by incorporating popular song lyrics in a post or mentioning the latest celebrity gossip.

Make them a part of the brand culture.

Encourage your consumers to send product suggestions, feedback, and product reviews in order to give them a more active role. Listen to their suggestions and feedback and implement them in order to gain their trust and respect.

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