Important Marketing Lessons from Beyonce

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lemonade-1024x614Beyonce has gotten everyone in the world talking about Lemonade – and not the refreshing summer drink, but her latest album (and film) drop. She has truly created a brand for herself – and earned millions of fans by marketing her music and her attitude to the fullest. Here are a few tips to keep in mind for your brand to enjoy Beyonce status in your industry.

Integrate multiple channels to increase consumer experience.

Although Beyonce was not the first to introduce a visual album, Lemonade intersects film and music. As such, her fans gathered a much fuller experience from watching the film and listening to the album. Similarly, marketers should provide their consumers with a much fuller experience by utilizing truly multichannel marketing strategies. Be sure to incorporate as many channels (web, mobile, email, video) as you can in order to provide the fullest experience of your product. Do not be afraid to think outside of the box and devise new or creative channels to market your product – you might intrigue new consumers that would not have known about your product otherwise.

Hype it up.

Beyonce is an artist that likes to work in secrecy and promote her latest work as a surprise – in 2014; she secretly released her self-titled album that got the world talking. She is an expert at raising up hype abruptly and effectively. Two years later she did it again by releasing short, one-minute trailers for Lemonade and her upcoming Formation tour and making sure nothing about it leaked before HBO’s release date. When launching new campaigns, marketers can hint to followers or consumers about an upcoming promotion or coupons through social media. Use anyway to tease your marketing campaign to create buzz and keep consumers intrigued.

Make your audience VIPs.

Lemonade’s album release was a special one for fans – as they could tune in on HBO to watch it at home. Releasing an album and film on HBO was an exciting, intimate and new way to share her music with fans. Marketers can create this type of experience for their consumers as well by understanding their favorite channels, styles and interests and serving them exclusive content on the platforms they love the most.

Do not be afraid to be vulnerable.

Critics and fans alike describe Lemonade all around as raw, emotional and artistic. Beyonce was not afraid to be vulnerable and show her weaknesses through her music and film. By opening herself up to her fans to show her vulnerabilities and struggles, she allowed the audience to connect and relate to her even more. The same can apply for the marketing world – share more than just the glamourous or good side of your product. Be open and transparent with your consumers about your brand, and the struggles it faced.

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