Improve Brand Loyalty Through Email Marketing

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Email marketing serves a lot of purposes – from integrating other marketing channels, communicating a message effectively and advertising promotions or exclusive deals. Most email marketers focus on the goal of click-throughs –as more traffic to your online site generates more revenue. However, the dimension of brand loyalty is another way to yield an even longer-term return on investment. Brand loyalty is how you obtain repeat customers who are willing to buy again and again – and tell their friends. Here is how to use email marketing to increase brand loyalty:


  1. Send out important updates and reminders

Your first strategy with email marketing should be to keep your customers informed with important updates and reminders. Announce promotions, coupons or special events to your email subscribers first, which will give them a sense of exclusivity. Send them reminders if they haven’t redeemed coupons or taken advantage of the special sales.

  1. Free swag

Offering free gifts is a common strategy to attract college students to your brand. The same tactic can be used to attract email subscribers – offer free gifts in exchange for signing up. However, it is important to keep providing recurring value for being on the subscribe list – students can easily click unsubscribe if they aren’t interested in what you have to offer once the free gift is received.

  1. Discounts and special offers

Offering email-exclusive offers and discounts that are exclusive to just email subscribers. Early access to sales, events or promotions will make them feel special and valued – which will create a deeper and stronger bond with your brand. They can even share their deals with friends and the feeling of exclusivity and importance will remain, as they’ll get to show off their rewards.

  1. Participation rewards

You can give your subscribers the opportunity to communicate and engage with your brand and reward them for doing so. Host a giveaway or competition that allows them to speak about your product or service, and winners who get chosen will receive a prize. You can also ask for feedback in the form of surveys or comments, and personally thank or reward those who participate. When students engage with a brand and go out of their way to communicate with the brand, they’ll feel closer to it.

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