It is Never Too Early to Start Thinking about Back-to-School Marketing

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With the college spring semester starting to wrap up, college students are starting to study for finals and getting ready to go home. However, although the countdown to the beginning of the back-to-school season is farther away, it is never too early for businesses to start prepping their marketing strategy for this lucrative season. Back to school spending has increased 42% over the past 10 years. Last year, 30% of shoppers said they were planning to spend more than the year before, and over 35% planned to spend the same amount as last year, according to the National Retail Federation’s Spending Summary.

Back-to-school shoppers either get an early start or procrastinate until the last minute. A survey Pandora conducted on their listeners discovered that 37% of parents would start looking into back-to-school 1-2 months before the season even begins. Although there is a split between consumers’ preferences about back-to-school shopping, there still is a significant amount of consumers shopping well in advance. Students and parents alike search early to research into new products and look into the best deals. Businesses should have an always-on marketing plan and strategy in order to influence their consumers during the pre-back to school season when research is in full swing.

One of the most important aspects to consider is the impact of mobile marketing. Advertisers who pack a strong mobile presence will without a doubt sway consumers. Encourage consumers to download mobile apps, redeem coupons on smartphones, or build a mobile advertising campaign.

In order to drive a successful back to school marketing campaign, it is crucial to develop a personalized message that appeals to college students. According to the infographic by IntelliResponse, millennials crave an engaging experience that converts seamlessly across the different channels that is creative, funny and sharable on social media. Tim Peters, the Director of Marketing at IntelliResponse said, “They don’t always want to have a face to face conversation anymore. Millennials want quick and easy answers to their questions across digital channels.”


Contact us at OnCampus Advertising to get a head start on your back to school millennial marketing campaign today.

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