Key Strategies to Boost Your Brand’s Social Media Marketing

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Screen-Shot-2015-07-06-at-12.20.48-PM-892x1024Social media marketing strategies are important to help your business succeed in gaining and keeping loyal customers, and increasing traffic, exposure and sales. Here are some important strategies to give your brand a leg up on social media marketing.

Don’t restrict posting content to set business hours.

Millennials check their phones on average 43 times a day, according to a research conducted by a web analytics company SDL. There definitely is not a certain set time that youths check their phones because their schedules vary due to classes and extracurriculars. Make sure your brand’s social media is flexible with your target audience’s busy lifestyle.

Publish creative and short content.

Ensure your brand doesn’t get buried under a myriad of posts by other brands and friends on newsfeeds by posting fresh and trendy content regularly. Millennials are looking for the three S’s when it comes to content – specific, short, and sharable.

Resist the urge to sell in every post.

The content your brand publishes on social media should vary from post to post and should keep up with trends and news that your target audience is paying attention to. Share informative posts that are humorous or relatable to your audience. For example, Target posts pictures and short videos to their social media pages that are quirky, cute and appeals to a wide audience. Their posts do not always “sell” a Target product, but are informative or expressed creatively or humorously that prompts a like or share.


Offer rewards as a treat to loyal customers.

Inspect your social media pages to observe who is highly engaged with your brand – from users that like posts, offer suggestions for improvement, provide feedback on products, or participate in discussions. Choose a customer at random who likes or comments on posts and reward them for their loyalty and engagement by gifting discounts or free items. Rewards programs and surprise freebies or discounts will satisfy loyal customers and spread appreciation for your brand, which in turn brings in new business.

Encourage new engagement through giveaways, sales and discounts.

Starting a contest, offering giveaways, or asking questions about your brand will provide an opportunity for interaction with your audience, which will make your customers feel wanted, included and appreciated. An example of this is women’s deodorant brand Secret, which published a post asking their fans to share their invisible beauty weapon through the hashtag ClearlyBetter, to sponsor their latest clear deodorant. By interacting with customers, you are sharing that you value your fans’ opinions and are open to suggestions for improvement.


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