Last-Minute Holiday Shopping Strategies


The holiday season is in full swing, with many students either studying for finals or packing up to head home. However, for marketers, there is still time to advertise as college students rush to finish last-minute gifting. With nine out of ten busiest shopping days being in December, this is the prime time to keep marketing strong and at the forefront of your brand. Last-minute shoppers are a huge demographic, especially within college students. Here are some ideas to attract last-minute shoppers in the height of the holiday season.


  1. Discounts and free shipping

Follow in the steps of Amazon by offering free shipping or discounted products that negate the cost of shipping. Free shipping is a huge incentive for shoppers because it eliminates the hassle of having to pay extra for expedite shipping. Discounts on popular or bulk items are another way to propel purchases.

  1. Tap into the market of gift cards

Gift cards are great stocking stuffers or gifts that are perfect for customers who are unsure what to buy. Selling gift cards is a great way for last-minute shoppers to pick something up as soon as they walk into a store or load a website. They also accrue a fan base, especially around the holiday season. Last year, holidays shoppers bought an average of three gift cards each. Therefore, boosting gift card selection and highlighting its availability will attract shoppers.

  1. Mobile and social ads

Mobile is an important component of gift giving. Sixty-four percent of consumers research gift ideas on their smartphone. College students are even more likely to have their phone in hand while shopping. Increasing mobile advertising late in the season will place your products in front of these ready-to-buy consumers. Seventy-six percent of people who search for gifts on mobile will visit a nearby business within a day, and 28 percent will actually make a purchase.

  1. Host a holiday themed event

Events are a great way to attract college students in general. During the holidays, it is a smart way to bring in customers looking for specific holiday gifts. Something as simple as offering free hot chocolate or candies at the front of your store can attract more business.

  1. Extend hours of operation

Last-minute shoppers tend to come by later, both in the evening and throughout the season. Stay open later to offer extra time to browse your selectio

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