Make Your College Email Marketing Stand Out in the Inbox

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Email marketing to college students should be considered for every college marketing campaign. Marketers are fortunate to have access to endless data that allows them to understand their consumers on a more personal level. Segmentation is a great strategy to refine messaging and hone in on specific target audiences within the wide sector of college students. How a company chooses to segment their college audience can depend on the brand’s overall mission and goals. Here are some tips to have your email marketing message stand out in the inbox:


  1. Set the tone

The tone of your emails should reflect the way your company chooses to speak to college students. While the brand voice should remain consistent across all channels, the way you speak to college students through email can be slightly different than how you connect with them via social media, for example.

  1. Stand-out subject lines

Think about how many emails you receive every day. Which ones did you click on first? The email subject line is your brand’s first impression on consumers, and a key way to stand out from the rest. According to Campaign Monitor, average subject line lengths range anywhere from 50-70 characters being the “sweet spot” for readability. When writing subject lines, it is important to consider the tone, your offering and your audience.

  1. Rewards

According to Matt Harris, CEO and co-founder of Sendwithus, transactional emails are one of the best opportunities to foster brand loyalty. However, it is often one of the most overlooked. “During a transaction email…that’s the time when a customer is most engaged with a brand, because they just bought something,” Harris said. Whether it be a newsletter, an offer email, an online catalog or even a receipt, there are several ways your brand can leverage more content to create a lasting relationship and foster an engaged community. Email is a great way to offer exclusive discounts and encourage participation in a social community.

  1. Clean your segmentation list

Your carefully crafted email will go to waste if it goes directly to spam or is sent to the wrong address. Make sure to clean your segmentation lists by ensuring the addresses you have are current and applicable to each segmented market. Email segmentation should also be at the forefront of every campaign to guarantee your emails are highly personalized and applicable to different college students.

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