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Attention financial institutions: Many college students will be graduating this month and that means they will soon need to begin paying toward student loans.

Help them start on the right track by making sure they know how to best manage their finances. Provide valuable resources by developing promotional materials that will give these students information about opening a savings account, balancing a checkbook, contributing money for retirement, building good credit, or paying off debt.

By helping them understand topics that can be overwhelming, you will set yourself apart and become a trusted advisor to your newest customers.

Targeting these students can be a difficult task if you aren’t sure where to turn. Fortunately, On Campus Advertising can help.

We have access to thousands of college newspaper advertising opportunities on campuses across the country. College papers have an 82% readership making them a great way to present your product or service to this target market.

Contact us at 617-523-9801 or visit us online to learn more about how On Campus Advertising can help you reach graduating seniors.

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