Marketing to the College Students on their Summer Travels

Student Brand Ambassadors
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With the spring semester coming to an end, college students are prepping for their summer vacation travels. College students have more opportunities to travel, with a whole summer free of classes and the opportunity to study abroad. Seventy-five percent of college students want to travel as much as possible – it is a big priority as students’ value experiences more than tangible items. How can marketers reach students that are traveling anywhere?

Effective channels

Facebook and other social media channels are effective at ensuring authenticity and building trust. College students want to have the ability to have discussions and conversations with the brands they buy from. According to USPS “A Look at How Millennials Respond to Direct Mail”, 84% of college students actually pay attention to their mail, 64% would rather scan for useful information in mail over email and 90% think direct mail advertising is considered a “leisure activity.” Direct mail is a great channel to target students anywhere they are spending the summer. Your brand can send direct mail it to students with summer promotions and discounts, a kit full of goodies to get ready for the upcoming fall semester or to send a loyalty card to your most dedicated buyers.

Curate insider’s information

College students want to customize their journey that is uniquely their own and they want to feel like they are following insiders’ tips. When traveling, they want to see all top sights, but they are also more likely to seek hidden gems and lesser-known attractions. Showcase your brand’s expertise by advertising local information – call out areas that are only open certain days or offers a special experience at specific times. Another way to show your insider status is to host exclusive summer events and parties. This will demonstrate your insider’s knowledge and appeal to college students looking to have fun over the summer.

Highlight local businesses

Not all students will be traveling abroad during the summer. A good portion will be returning to their hometowns to start summer jobs or stay home for the summer – and with this comes the opportunity to for local businesses to shine. College students are proud supporters of local businesses. Use online advertising to highlight small local businesses.

Prepare for back to school

It’s never too early to start thinking about your back to school marketing campaign. Use the summer to test out strategies or channels with the smaller amount of students on campus for summer classes. Gear up your student newspaper advertising campaign, digital ad campaigns or brand ambassador campaign for the start of the fall semester and all the potential customers on campus.

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