Marketing Trends to Look Forward to in 2017

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Predicting marketing trends is a good way to connect with consumers in the hopes of persuading them to buy a product or service in the future. However, it can be difficult to find different and exciting ways to persuade college students to purchase a product. Over the years, marketers have taken advantage of the many channels to reach college student consumers. 2017 will bring new opportunities to review the marketing landscape and judge which ones are working for you. Here are six trends in marketing to look forward to in 2017:


  1. Even more investment in mobile


Mobile has become of the most essential marketing channels in most recent years. A CMO survey from Deloitte discovered that mobile marketing spending is predicted to increase 118% over the next three years. Not only will mobile provide a larger impact, marketers will also look at the big picture of how campaigns reach all devices and channels. Having a multi-channel campaign will give insight into how many channels and devices shape a consumer’s journey.


  1. Personal contact with consumers


Personalized marketing means content is fit to every channel, as well as the specific customer. A heavy emphasis on online and digital in recent years changed the way people interacted with one another and consumed information. This upcoming year, more of an emphasis will be placed on personal one on one contact with consumers. Whether it be through brand ambassadors, or employees visiting college campuses, expect more face to face marketing.


  1. Mobile payments will be more popular


Consumers are more comfortable than ever with making payment transactions on mobile phones. If applicable, have your business set up “Buy Now” buttons to allow for mobile pay. These buttons already exist on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Mobile visitors will not have to be directed to another site or go through multiple steps for purchase. With mobile pay, consumers won’t be distracted or be hesitant about purchase.


  1. Inspired by Pokemon Go, there will be a rise in augmented reality


No one would have predicted how huge Pokemon Go became in 2016, earning $10 million a day in new revenue at its peak, and over 100 million downloads. The enthusiasm and usage of the augmented reality app has largely died down, but it has two main effects on the marketing community. One, it has shown retailers that college consumers are ready for augmented reality experiences. Two, it gave marketers and businesses a taste of the potential high profit it can generate. More brands will come out with more augmented reality apps and advertisements to appeal to this rising trend.

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