Millennials and Smart Watches

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smartwatchIn comparison to other demographics, millennials are more interested in products relating to the Internet of Things. It shouldn’t be a surprise that almost all (87%) of millennials own a smartphone, which is a similar percentage compared to older generations. However, millennials are almost two times more likely to own a smartwatch than non-millennials, according to MediaPost. 44% of millennials own one, compared to 22% of non-millennials.

Teenagers are also catching on to the smart watch trend. Marketing company Adestra discovered through their survey that 9% of teens are likely to own a smart watch, compared to 19% of millennials.

When it comes to brands of smart watches, millennials tend to favor Apple. Here is a breakdown of the products owned by millennials:

  • 38% – iPhone
  • 19% – iPad
  • 18% – Mac
  • 13% – Apple Watch

Compare these numbers with the percentage of products owned by non-millennials:

  • 29% – iPhone
  • 16% – iPad
  • 13% – Mac
  • 6% – Apple Watch

Millennials enjoy Apple products, especially smart watches more than non-millennials do. On a similar subject, these two groups view the subject of privacy differently. 74% of non-millennials, compared with 62% of millennials are concerned with companies not respecting their privacy when using personal information. Additionally, millennials are embracing the IoT world even further by suggesting their interest in smart homes. According to a survey of 1,300 US adults conducted byParks Associates for Coldwell Banker, 61% have expressed interest in owning a smart home. These trends only confirm that milllennials are the front-runners in advocating for digital technology.

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