Mobile Advertising Presents Marketers with High Click-Through Rates

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According to, mobile banner ads continue to have high click-through rates. Some attribute the high click-throughs to novelty – thinking that viewing and clicking on mobile ads may be more exciting than display ads on a desktop. But as eMarketer explains, “that novelty has not worn off yet.”

Standard banners have shown to provide only one-quarter of the number of click-throughs mobile banner advertisements are providing.

MediaMind compiled a chart to determine how likely people were to mouse over or hover over advertisements without necessarily clicking through on them in various consumer categories. They call this the “dwell rate.”

Rich Media Ad Metrics Worldwide, by Industry, H1 2012

Mobile ad spending in the US is expected to reach $2.61 billion, and advertising to college students using mobile tactics is a great place for marketers to start. College students are known to spend heavily in ten of the twenty-one categories listed in the analysis above.

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