Mobile Marketing Strategies to Implement in Summer

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Summer is one of the best times to attract new customers. With school out, there is more time for students to spend money, along with the fact that many college students that return home get a summer job or internship. This provides an opportunity for businesses to entice consumers with sales, promotions and discounts. The product categories that benefits the most from summertime are clothing, travel, tourism, outdoor items, entertainment and local goods. Here are a few mobile marketing strategies to use this summer:

Promote offers on mobile channels to push mobile-driven sales.

Businesses that do not have a mobile website or a mobile app are lagging behind their competition and driving away a large number of potential consumers. Release summer seasonal offers and discounts on mobile to encourage communication and increase mobile traffic. Build themed campaigns that engage with consumers in a vacation-summertime mode. For example, Starbucks has created a summer mobile offers through their Rewards app – by promising their loyal customers a $3 granita or their new brownie or strawberry shortcake trifles after 3 pm.

Connect promotional offers with different customer demographics and trends.

Personalized messages are a guaranteed way to grab your consumer’s attention, increase chances of purchase. Create mobile moments that target your customers’ different tastes, preferences and demographics. For example, as the summer Olympics are gearing up to start, brands will have promotions on patriotic gear, or focus on sports-related campaigns, such as swimming and running. These segmented mobile strategies should also go hand in hand with traditional marketing. Keep up with what consumers are looking at in the moment – this will make your targeted mobile moments more effective.

Utilize geographic location.

Consumers flock to fun tourist destinations during the summer. If your business has more than one location, focus marketing efforts on the location that would be the most popular during the summer months. Locations by the water are usually the best bet, or even in large cities. Understand that since many customers are off work and school hours, extend mobile marketing campaigns to suit the different summer schedules. Since students are no longer in classes, they go to bed later and wake up later than during the school year. Brands that strategically think about their timing and location of mobile marketing campaigns will have the most success.

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