Mobile Marketing Trends that Will Rule 2018

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The message for businesses this year is to go mobile or go home. 2018 will be the year to focus on the rising growth of consumers who use smartphones and tablets as their first – and sometimes only – device. According to Google, over half of search queries globally are from mobile devices. The category with the highest percent of mobile search is food and beverage at 72 percent. Following the food industry is health, sports, news, lifestyle and retail industries. Here are nine of the mobile marketing trends to keep in mind for College Marketing in 2018.


  1. Progressive web apps are the next big thing

Progressive web apps are an emerging technology – experts are considering it to be the next big thing for mobile. They are defined as an experience that combines the best of both the web and mobile apps. No install is required, and as the user becomes more familiar with it, it becomes more personalized. It will load quicker, send relevant push notifications, and even has an icon on the home screen.

  1. Mobile first indexing

In late 2016, Google announced that it would begin indexing websites based on their mobile sites instead of desktop. In order for a site to rank highly, its mobile presence has to reflect relevant content and perform well. In order for a site to dominate the rankings, its mobile site must be configured so pages load quickly, no zooming necessary and buttons work with touch screens.

  1. Speed matters

Research by DoubleClick discovered that if a mobile page takes longer than three seconds to load, the bounce rate rises to 53 percent. Additionally, Think with Google also found if a page’s loading time increases from one to five seconds, the bounce rate will go up by 90 percent.

  1. Personalized emails are a key to success

Smart content consistently delivers personalized experiences with each user. Aberdeen found personalized emails improved click through rates by 14% and conversions by 10%. Get personal with subscribers through recommendations based on previous purchases or items tailored to a customer’s profile.

  1. Micro-moments are crucial

Micro-moments are defined as moments during the day where a customer instinctively reaches for a smartphone to research into something. Searches can be found through recipes, tutorials, reviews, news events and store locations. These micro-moments are critical for brands to get their product or name in there for these organic searches.

  1. Video gets an upgrade with live stream

Incorporating live stream videos into a marketing campaign could really boost traffic and clicks. By 2019, video will account for 78% of the world’s mobile data traffic. Facebook also reports that users spend three times more watching a live video versus static content.

  1. Mobile payments are becoming mainstream

As mobile has proven its security and become harder to crack, more consumers are willing to entrust their phone with banking information. According to Business Insider,  In-store mobile payments will reach $503 billion by 2020. In the US, mobile wallets are predicted to surpass both credit and debit card usage by 2020.



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