Mobile Shopping Encourages Spontaneous Purchases

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Mobile marketing has increased exponentially in popularity the past few years due to the takeover of smartphones. Mobile transactions has made multi-tasking easier on mobile devices – consumers can pay for their coffee with the scan of a barcode or pay their bills with the click of a button. According to research conducted by eMarketer, over 70% of mobile users have made a purchase on their device in the past year.

Mobile Devices Allow for Impulse Purchases

The internet provides so many possibilities for different retail purchases. According to a Pandora survey, over half of mobile users surveyed said they would make spontaneous purchases on their devices rather than plan ahead. Mobile devices allow browsing multiple items at the same time. Retail websites also additionally have “Suggested For You” or “Other Items Customers Purchased” tabs that prompt even more impulse shopping. If the only action standing in the way between purchases is the tap of a screen, consumers are more likely to buy. However, impulsivity is not the sole reason consumers enjoy mobile shopping. 85% of consumers surveyed by Pandora said the top motivator to purchase a product on mobile devices is convenience.

Mobile Shopping Goes Hand in Hand with In-Store Experiences

Marketers should think to incorporate a seamless experience for consumers in stores and online. According to the survey, 1 in 5 surveyed made a mobile purchase after browsing an item in stores. Some motivators that encourage mobile purchase included free shipping, email offers, advertisements, and browsing in store.


For businesses looking to tap into the mobile audience, it is essential to be on platforms where they are already spending their time. As college students are constantly on their mobile devices regardless of the time, it is important to offer an encompassing mobile marketing program that translates seamlessly from mobile ads to apps to social media.

For more information on how to market to college students via mobile devices, contact us at OnCampus Advertising.

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