How Your Offline Marketing Can Help Your Online Marketing

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Everything starts with a story and ends with a story. This common saying can be highly applicable to the world of college marketing. What happens in between these stories is what your customers want to purchase. The first story is told by the marketer, and the second, hopefully by a satisfied customer. The relationship between these two stories makes whatever you are selling unique and tells the strength between your online and offline efforts. Your online story can lead to an offline product, service or experience. One of the ways to strengthen your online marketing is to amplify offline promotion. Here are some benefits of combining the two.


  1. Real world advantage

Three of the five human senses cannot be engaged with online. Once your brand recognizes the relationship between these senses and their online counterparts, you will understand how one can be used to complement the other. You can’t taste ice cream online, but you also can’t edit a video demonstrating how it is made in person either. A customer can read a book excerpt online, but they won’t get the feeling of turning the physical pages.

  1. The bounce back effect

Any online marketing should be arranged to make it not just a destination, but part of a cycle. For example, an ice cream parlor introducing a new flavor may upsell by offering a sample at the register. However, an online promotion highlighting the new flavor can set up the product in a way that does the selling for you. The key advantages of online marketing are continuity and low cost. Offline marketing is usually in one shot and pricey. When the two are combined, they fit together.

  1. Holidays and special events

Holidays and special events are always something college students look forward to. Whether it be a Spring fest concert, tailgating or a formal event, college students are willing to spend more and try new things. The holiday mood is a great opportunity to complete your marketing cycle in one pitch. Offering services custom to any occasion, and even customized college events can be a great strategy to boost sales.

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