Out-of-Home Advertising on College Campuses

College Out-of-Home

Every college campus features different classes, buildings, layouts and distinguishing elements. Unsurprisingly, different media options exist at every university. One of the largest forms of advertising is the out-of-home category. In the past we’ve talked about the benefits of out-home-advertising. This blog covers some of the most common forms of out-of-home advertising on college campuses.

Campus Kiosks and Newsstands

Campus Kiosk

Schools that offer college newspaper print advertising need a way to deliver the paper to students. The most common method are newsstands or campus kiosks. At many of the universities, advertisements can be placed directly on the sides or front of the display. The sizes can vary from small 17” high x 11” wide to much larger 50” high x 26” wide formats.

The main advantage of these kiosks is location. Kiosks are located on campuses in high traffic areas. Indoor locations include busy classroom buildings, residence halls, and student centers. Some universities place outdoor kiosks in the campus quad. These locations make it possible for a large number of students to view your ad.

Bus Shelters

Campus Bus Shelter

Shelters provide a larger media format than kiosks. An average shelter is typically 68” high by 48”. Some universities have shelters directly in the center of campus so that students can hop on a bus to take them from one end of campus to the other. Other bus shelters, particularly in city-oriented colleges, line the perimeter of a college campus. Students wait at these shelters when taking a trip into the city or back to their off-campus housing.

Campus and City Transit

Campus Transit

Closely tied to Bus Shelters is the actual bus transit. Since many universities have large campus footprints, they need their own transit systems. These buses traverse the length of the campus and can go to popular off-campus spots. Additionally, schools located in more urban areas, the city bus transit system will go directly through the college campus.

Advertisers can place ads on the inside or outside of the buses. Interior cards are typically 17” high and can be between 28” to 56” long. A captive audience of students riding the bus will view these cards. OnCampus Advertising typically recommends placing 4 cards per bus to ensure each rider sees the advertisements. Exterior ads will be seen by students boarding a bus and others outside the bus as it drives around campus. It can be a small sign on the driver side or a full wrap covering the entire bus with your message.

Other Options

Campus Billboard

While Kiosks/Newsstands, Bus Shelters, and Bus transit are the most common options for out-of-home advertising on college campuses, they are by no means the only choices. Billboards and Bulletins line some campus perimeters. These large format units also cover main thoroughfares into a college campus. Many city schools like, NYU and Boston University, border mass transit stops. These stops provide a way to reach students as they commute into classroom locations from further away dorms or housing. Other out-of-home opportunities include street furniture or city information kiosks that border the main campus.

With so many possibilities it is important to understand the options on each campus. Our experience can help advertisers navigate the vast out-of-home landscape. Choosing the best media options on each campus leads to campaign success.

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