Out of Home Advertising to College Students

Out of Home Advertising to College Students
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Out Of Home Advertising to College Students can be very successful in a time where many have turned to digital advertising. Online ads litter consumers’ phone screens and usually become lost in the noise. Not only that, but nearly half of all millennials reported using ad blockers, which allows them to customize what ads they see. Out Of Home, however, is nearly impossible to avoid. A creative OOH ad will build brand awareness and also make consumers more susceptible to future digital ads.

It’s no secret that when used correctly, OOH advertising has amazing potential. In fact, Out Of Home advertising to college students is the only traditional medium that has become increasingly popular within marketing campaigns in recent years. However, creating a successful OOH ad has become more complicated in this digital age.

Creativity is key:

Take this opportunity to personify for your brand. A witty or creative ad will build your brand’s image and raise awareness. Not only that, but these types of messages are more likely to be shared by consumers, thus becoming a part of their daily lives.

Less is more:

instead of bombarding consumers with an overly intricate design, focus on your message, location, and grabbing your audience’s attention. Do not overwhelm them with too much detail.

Go Digital:

Recently, Digital Out Of Home ads have been gaining traction. These ads, in particular, still target college students and can be interactive, yet not intrusive. Consumers are also more willing to interact with ads of this nature as they are usually located in areas such as bus shelters or train stops when they are essentially killing time. Digital out of home ads, specifically, can be modified throughout the day and thus are customizable in real-time.

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