Out-Of-Home Advertising To College Students

Out-of-Home Advertising to College Students
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With an increasing number of ways to advertise, it can be difficult to get yours to cut through in traditional areas. Utilizing Out-of-Home advertising to college students allows you to uniquely reach a large number of consumers and make sure your brand stands out. Here are some benefits to OOH advertising.

Large and Eye Catching

Today’s college students are busier than ever. They certainly don’t have time to stop and fully examine every advertisement they see. OOH advertisements can be on large billboards, bus shelters, transit systems and more. That means they are usually quite large and, as a result, easily eye-catching. These ads stand out and leave an impression in students’ minds, even if the viewer only sees it briefly.

Catch Students on the Move

Because OOH advertisements take place in public locations, people who are in the midst of commuting or traveling between places see the ads. While students seeing commercials in their home might just tune them out, those on the move must be aware of their surroundings. Therefore students are more likely to actually see your advertisement in an out-of-home location.

Improve Brand Image

Such a large display is a great way to showcase your brand. Make sure the name of your brand is clear and visible, but include other interesting visuals as well. Having a large and memorable advertisement seen by so many students will help build your brand’s presence on campus. The scale of the display will make it more memorable to students. Knowledge of your brand is likely to increase as a result.

Large Market Reach

OOH advertising is perfect if your target market is focused on students at a particular school. In any given day on display a single advertisement can be seen by a very large number of the students in the area. It also doesn’t solely advertise to students at a specific time. Anyone passing by at any time of day will be exposed to the advertisement.

Repeat Viewings

When placing an out-of-home advertisement, you aren’t just providing an opportunity for single viewings from people. Many people will likely pass by the display multiple times, especially if the display remains up for a long period of time. But even in a single day, many people may end up needing to pass by multiple times. This particularly applies to students, as they often have to travel from class to class throughout the day. For all these reasons Out-of-Home advertising to college students has high potential for multiple viewings, resulting in better retention by consumers.

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