Outdoor Summer Marketing Strategies

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In order to boost business this summer, it is important to implement a marketing strategy that has the ability to reach college students across a wide area. Your brand’s marketing strategy does not have to end after students’ last finals – in fact, in order to keep your brand in mind during the upcoming back to school months, it is wise to keep marketing strategies going during the summer. Here are a few different outdoor marketing strategy to increase awareness and engagement with your product over the summer months:

Advertisements in student newspapers

Although many students return home for the summer, some students attend summer classes and are still on campus. Campus publications are a valuable source of local news and happenings, and students are more likely to read and pay attention to ads in these issues. Some larger state schools run newspapers in the summer on either a monthly or a weekly basis. By placing an advertisement in a student publication, you are able to reach a large chunk of the college campus audience. Be sure to keep in mind that some schools do orientation issues for incoming freshman, and placing an advertisement will increase brand awareness to new students.

Window clings

Large, colorful window clings are great tools for marketers looking to capture the attention of customers in a large traffic walking area. Window clings should promote the best-selling products or introduce a new product, include special enticing offers, and include the unique benefits and aspects of your product. They can be placed strategically in certain buildings on campus or in stores.

Door hangers

Door hangers are a unique outdoor marketing tool – as they do not have to compete with other physical marketing materials (like postcards) to grab the attention of consumers. They have all the benefits of direct mail marketing without the expenses of postage. Recruit volunteers to help distribute door hangers on dorm buildings, classrooms or in stores.

Out of home billboards

Out of home displays such as bulletins, posters and ads on bus shelters are additional effective options to reach consumers. Bulletins and posters should be near high traffic roads, intersections and shopping plazas. Since they usually are high above roads on a flat surface, they provide an unexpected landscape that will grab drivers’ attention, whether they are on a road trip or traveling to the nearest mall.

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