Four Reasons to Start a College Mobile Marketing Campaign Today

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Mobile marketing is a booming media channel that is growing like never before. Mobile marketing makes it effortless for marketers to offer better service to the college student market. Today’s college student has at least one mobile device besides their personal laptop and/or tablet, and 70% access the internet through them. The number of smartphones and tablets owned are still growing. In fact, 1.54 billion smartphones were sold worldwide in 2017. As mobile takes off, it is paving the way for the success of college mobile marketing strategies.


  1. Student shoppers use mobile more than any other medium

Mobile is the medium shoppers frequent because it provides a seamless experience from just about anywhere with service. Mobile is also a great medium because it allows customers to pay for expenses out of a mobile wallet – whether it be through the Venmo app or mobile pay through banking.

  1. Mobile friendly sites rank higher

Google switches up their website ranking algorithm, and the most recent algorithm tweak enables that mobile-friendly sites are high on the list. Google has officially acknowledged the importance of mobile-optimized websites, making it mandatory for businesses to design their websites under similar guidelines. The three most important guidelines to keep in mind are AMP, site speed and schema. AMP accelerates the speed of mobile pages, allowing the use of HTML to make the website lighter to load and optimizes site speed. Schema tells search engines what the website data means and is used to define particulars on each page by grouping them into certain categories.

  1. Mobile means absolute customer data at your disposal

The best thing about mobile users is the data marketers can collect from their devices. Data about user shopping patterns helps marketers assemble data charts for each client individually coming from an authentic source. This data is a great way to personalize marketing efforts. When a customer shops on a mobile app, the brand gets to know about every purchase the user has made so far. The shopping behavior and prior history allows marketers to predict their next move.

  1. Mobile provides 24/7 access to college students

Smartphones accompany college students everywhere they go, which provides a great opportunity for marketers to target them anywhere. College students are also able to easily see what brands offer with just a few taps on a screen. Therefore, the 24/7 accessibility allows for easy growth of a business, a win-win for both students and businesses.

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