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You often hear a lot about recruitment marketing done by companies looking to hire new employees, but what about membership recruitment marketing? If you are a student organization looking for unique ways to attract new members, you’ve come to the right place.

Many professional organizations like Public Relations Society of America, Association of Information Technology Professionals, National Science Teachers Association, the American Society of Civil Engineers, and many others have student chapters. Still others, like Campus Crusade, have almost entirely student-based memberships.

Promote your organization in campus media to improve student recognition of your brand and encourage new membership. Be sure to be direct in your advertising by showing college students the benefits they can expect in joining.

OnCampus Advertising has been helping organizations like yours develop unique marketing programs for many years at colleges and universities nationwide. To learn more about how you can start marketing effectively on campus, contact us today – by phone, by mail, or online. Let one of our experienced representatives help you get started. We can expand your brand recognition with mobile media campaigns, college newspaper advertising, poster and bulletin board ads, and many other marketing avenues.
Combine your message in person with a presence over the Internet or using smart phones, newspapers, or even hand outs. You will be surprised at how fast all of these placements can add up to a big reward for your company!

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