Social Media to College Students

Social Media to College Students
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When it comes to reaching today’s college students, social media can be absolutely key. A recent study from GWI estimates Internet users aged 16-24 spend an average of 3 hours a day on social media, so this can be an important channel for targeting people in this age group. Previously we explored how social media can help your business. Here are some tips to ensure a successful social media campaign:

Post Consistently

A lot is happening on social media especially for college students, and users of these sites are usually following at least hundreds, if not thousands of other accounts. Because of this, an account not posting often enough can easily get lost in the noise. Different platforms move at varying speeds, which should be considered in your social media plan. Most brands won’t need to post more than once a day on Instagram to keep followers engaged. Twitter, on the other hand, often requires multiple posts per day to cut through the noise. These are not necessarily universal though. Always consider the needs of your individual brand and target audience in your plans. But no matter how often you post, remember to be consistent.

Use Images Often

While this is an obvious requirement when posting on Instagram, it’s important to other platforms as well. On both Facebook and Twitter, posts see significantly more engagement when images are included in posts. Not only does it make a post more interesting by adding a visual element, it’s just attention grabbing. A post with an image is more likely to catch a user’s eye in a crowded news feed or timeline than a simple text post. An image also allows a post to take up more space, grabbing further attention. There’s a reason Instagram has the highest engagement of major social media sites: it’s nothing but images.


Social media gives users the opportunity to interact directly with brands. Brands should be sure to interact back whenever appropriate. This is particularly important when a user expresses they are having problems using your product or service. If you respond in a helpful way and are eventually able to fix the problem, you’ve retained a customer that may have otherwise been lost. Not only that, you very publicly display that you are ready and willing to fix any problem a customer may have. This will improve your brand’s overall public image.

Make Use of Influencers

The rise of social media has also given rise to brand ambassadors and influencers. These are regular people with large followings who will promote products or services to their large followings. Though they are still ads, that they are posted by a “normal” person allows them to come across as more genuine than a branded account promoting their own product. And since they come with their own set of followers, your brand will reach many people it may not have otherwise.

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