Some of the largest fast food operations are located on college campuses

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 Many of the busiest fast food franchises are actually operating on America’s college campuses.  In addition to an ever-growing variety of goodies in the college dining halls and cafeterias, many of the fast food chains have found their way on campus as well, bringing the students favorites a short walk away.  Whether it’s a quick coffee or cappuccino, a hearty sandwich, salad, or cheeseburger, the students are loving it!

Eating is an endless adventure on campus
When it comes to eating meals, the majority of college students like to do what is fastest and easiest.  Despite the fact that many have vehicles on campus, they don’t normally go off-campus to eat.  The students will typically go to a dining hall that is close to their dorm because they can walk there for lunch on their way to class, or just zip over quickly for dinner.  For those schools in the Midwest or northern states, this becomes a bigger issue during the winter, where close by really matter!  So it only makes sense that the fast food places on campus are always busy, at all hours of the day.  Students can get the brands they really enjoy, within walking distance to where they live.
If this is possible, what does that say about the potential of advertising your business on the same college campuses!  It represents a constant, continual market opportunity.  Students are starving for the latest trends and gadgets, and it really is a captive audience.  One your business simply can not afford to overlook.

With innovations like on campus promotional activities, student newspaper advertising, college online advertising, and all sorts of university media marketing, they are there waiting for you! OnCampus Advertising can help you sort through all of the possibilities and determine the best strategy for you.  If this sounds interesting to you and to your company, stop by our website and see for yourself.  See for yourself what others are doing already to develop connections with the huge on campus market.  Contact us today to get things started taking your business back to school!

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