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One of the greatest technological advances to enter the world of marketing in decades has been QR Codes. Short for Quick Response Code, this coding has become one of the most popular types of two dimensional barcodes, and allows for high speed transfer of content and information.

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Developed in Japan as a manufacturing tracking tool, it has quickly found a home in a wide variety of applications. One of the great breakthroughs has come in transferring marketing information between buyers and sellers. Allowing for an instant connect of seller product information with specific prospective clients, it streamlines a process that used to include mountains of paper documents and hand outs. This is most apparent at trade shows and conventions where sales personnel used to fill extra suitcases with fliers, business cards, promotion sheets, and sticky notes. Now, with a simple, quick scan, the client can access vendor websites, product criteria, logos, advertisements, and so on. This also provides the seller with key data on the prospective customer, greatly simplifying the connection.

From a marketing perspective, it allows your business to advertise to specific clients that have shown interest in your company and its product lines. Rather than blindly pummeling the air waves and mail boxes with generic ads, hoping to land a few “hits”, you can now deal relevantly with those who want to hear what you have to say. It even opens up communication channels, chats, Q&A sessions, and, best of all, SALES!

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Bringing this new technology into the College Campus arena totally follows along in the QR Code development. And what a market to tap into – one chock full of intelligent, technically proficient students who are clamoring for the latest in 21st Century technology. They are quick to take notice, quick to learn, and quick to attach themselves to companies and marketing campaigns using the QR Coding.

They are drawn to websites of products they are interested in, where they can learn more about what all is offered, the latest specials and discounts, coupons, promotional activities, and special events near their campus. Far from the random, pot-luck, good luck campaigns of the past, your advertisements will hit home with an audience interested in them!

IF this all sounds like just the type of marketing strategy you have been looking for, come see the professionals at OnCampus Advertising to find out more about how to get QR Coding set up on the college campus. Learn how we can help you establish a broad program to market effectively with today’s college students, and how to best promote your company and products with them. Contact us today on line, or call us directly at 617-523-9801 for a personal introduction into this brave new world!

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