Spring Break Marketing Strategies: Marketing to Students over Spring Break

closeup of a black signboard with the text spring break written in it, in front of a blurred beach with many people bathing and sunbathing
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In the upcoming weeks, college students around the country will be enjoying spring break – a week of free of academic commitments and full of fun memories. How can your business tap into this lucrative time period and get ahead on spring break marketing? Here are some tips on how to market to college students during this mid-semester vacation.

  1. Give away free stuff.

If there is any universal strategy that is guaranteed to always attract college students, it is the promise of free things. Free swag, food or clothing because it prompts students to purchase from your brand in the future. Reach out to college students during their break by offering promotions, giveaways or contests to get them involved wherever they travel. Once they become engaged with your products and communicate with your brand positively, they will be excited to buy products from you and share about your brand with their friends.

  1. Be active on social media

A 2015 Pew study discovered that 92% of teens go online and on social media multiple times a day – 77% of college students visit the Snapchat app every day. Snapchat filters are a giant opportunity to connect with students before and during spring break. It should be obvious that your brand should be where students are –scrolling through Instagram, sending Snapchats and checking Facebook. This is especially crucial during spring break where students can be traveling all around the world and aren’t all near or on campus.

  1. Incorporate “spring break survival”

One of the fun and unique ways to market your products during spring break is to play on the “spring break survival” theme. Spring break is notoriously known as one of the biggest party seasons of the year, and your business can keep up by offering spring break survival essentials. For example, Her Campus Media created a spring break survival kit that included nail polish, conditioner, razors, shave gel, body spray and gum. Even simple toiletries can be a huge hit with this spring break marketing tactic.

  1. Consider non-traditional tactics

College students are constantly seeing advertisements. Break out of the mold by offering non-conventional methods like word-of-mouth marketing, direct mail and brand ambassador marketing. The more creative, the better and bigger buzz it will receive from college students over break.

  1. But don’t leave traditional methods behind

While creativity is stressed, traditional methods like newspaper advertising still reign in effectiveness with college students. According to StudyBreaks College Media, 84% of students surveyed redeem coupons or specials they see in magazines or their campus newspapers, and 90% of students said they read a newspaper or magazine in the past month. Print and or online newspaper advertisements are also effective, as it will also prompt viewers to research online and on social media.

This season, make sure your business is ready to ramp up spring break marketing strategies to tap into this lucrative time.

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