Spring Break Marketing to College Students

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There is one thing that gets college students through classes in the winter – spring break. It is a week where students from all years, majors and schools meet up at a few popular warm destinations and celebrate a week without class or responsibilities. Over the years, media outlets have hyped up the concept of the spring break experience so much that it can often be considered a national holiday in college students’ eyes – making it one of the most anticipated events of the year. Every year, businesses scramble to obtain a piece of the $208 billion yearly market. Destinations, parties and hotels are selling all in one to maximize revenue from spring breakers. Here are some tips on how your business can effectively advertise to students during spring break season:

Get your print on.

Print newspapers are still popular on college campuses. According to StudyBreaks College Media, 84% of 387 college students surveyed redeem coupons or specials they see in magazines or newspapers and 90% have read a magazine or newspaper in the past month. Advertising space in a newspaper is a great way to ensure even students who have not locked down a spring break destination yet are aware of your business. The largest challenge businesses face when starting a spring break marketing plan is not being able to accumulate enough exposure and make sure their campaigns are reaching their target audience. Print ads not only reach a large audience, but it also prompts viewers to research online and on social media.

Use augmented reality.

Augmented reality allows marketers to include the experience of their product in their advertising campaign. For example, a video of people dancing and playing volleyball on the beach would sell the experience of buying tickets to a beach party or to a certain spring break destination. Make sure to incorporate links to social media to make it easy for students to check out more videos and pictures of what they could be experiencing with the swipe of a finger on their smartphone.

Brand ambassadors are a major key.

College students are very hesitant to spend big bucks on products they are not familiar with. Campus representatives are there to market your product 24/7 – and are there to answer any questions their peers have about your product with people they are comfortable speaking. Brand ambassadors also confirm that other students are using your product and ensure its quality and legitimacy.

Be social media savvy.

77% of college students are Snapchatting on a daily basis, which makes it a perfect social media marketing tool to get students aware about your brand and product. Since Snapchat filters can pop up at specific destinations such as on college campuses or around certain areas, it is a great tool for consumers to get to know and get involved in your marketing plan. Additionally, your social media page in general is a good way to sell your product – from customer testimonies, coupons, pictures, videos, and encouraging feedback. Encourage customers to tag your business in your photos in order to be featured on your social media pages to spread the word to their friends online.

For more information on how to get started on your spring break marketing campaign, contact us at OnCampus Advertising today.

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