Spring Clean Your College Marketing Strategy

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It is spring cleaning time, which means brands are taking a look at their proverbial marketing closet and getting rid of the outdated and unsuccessful things that just don’t work for them anymore. Here are a few strategies to tidy up your marketing this year and prevent a huge mess.


  1. Trending hashtags or topics everyone is talking about

Getting in on the latest buzz or hot topic, especially when targeting college students, can be tempting. However, it is important to proceed with caution when it comes to certain topics. There can be a certain gap of when something works and fits into your brand versus when you’re just jumping in the conversation to gain popularity. Some clever brands are able to make this work. Others who threw themselves into the conversation appeared as if they were trying too hard to fit in. Therefore, if your brand chooses to dial in on a certain topic/conversation, remember to analyze it in order to walk the fine line of clever and awkward.

  1. Keywords or buzz words in your campaigns

Keywords are naturally part of one’s story, and are relevant no matter the media channel the campaign is on. If your brand is going to use keywords to attract attention about your brand and its offering, make sure they are accurate. Think about what the student is looking for when they are viewing your campaign, on any platform or device. Choose language that understands what college students want from your brand, and how you plan on delivering it.

  1. Including personalization in campaigns

Most readers are more likely to open up an email when it is personally addressed to them. But writing someone’s name down doesn’t make a message truly personal and applicable. Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to clean up your email lists, making sure the information is up to date, and removing any expired or unresponsive addresses.

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