Summer Marketing Strategies to Engage College Students All Summer Long

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With the Memorial holiday quickly approaching, it is time for your business to begin implementation for specific marketing strategies to take you into the summer months. Here are some ideas on how to engage with college students on and off campus during summer break.

  1. Cool your customers off

With the hotter months approaching quickly, students will be looking for any excuse to cool off. Hand out ice pops or bottled water with flyers about your business in populated areas such as on campus, a park, shopping center or boardwalk. You will not only provide relief, but also spread awareness and even gain a few customers.

  1. Host an event

Summer can be a busy time for college students, with planned vacations, outings, and summer jobs and classes. Give them something to look forward to by hosting an event. Put together a concert, sponsor a party or bar crawl, host a charity bake sale, or any other relaxing event to draw in new customers.

  1. Plan a gift giveaway

Choose a summer-appropriate gift such as a gift certificate, a bag full of beach essentials, drink koozies, restaurant gift cards or phone accessories. Turn it into a random drawing by having contestants submit their entry through your social media channels.

  1. Use the heat to your favor

While most people enjoy the hot days of summer, not many look forward to days where the temperature reaches the 90-100 degree mark. When the temperature gets too hot, offer customers a hot weather promotion. Send an email, create a flyer, announce in a print or digital ad, that once the weather hits a certain degree, there will be a discount or deal on certain products and services.

  1. Grab their attention by focusing on smaller holidays

Everyone knows about the major summer holidays of Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day, and many brands will be pushing sales promotions and campaigns revolving around these holidays. Attract college students’ attention and stand out from the rest by focusing on lesser known holidays. For example, June is National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables month, and August is National Picnic month. Choose a smaller holiday and create a campaign around it to stand out.


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