Summer Marketing Strategies to Engage College Students


Understand the increased value of mobile marketing.

As the temperature rises, college students spend less time glued to the screens of their computers in favor of enjoying the beautiful weather outdoors. While they are outside and away from home, they will rely on their phones to look up information about activities, excursions and things to do around their location. Statistics compiled from WebDAM concluded that 1 in 4 online searches are conducted on mobile devices. The spike in mobile usage provides businesses with an unlimited amount of opportunities to intensify their mobile marketing strategies. For more helpful tips about mobile marketing, click here.


Encourage check-ins on social media.

Encouraging customers to check-in is an easy way to boost your business’ social media content that is mobile-friendly. Additionally, it will reach college students who are out of town scrolling through their social media newsfeed and remind them what they are missing out on. Check-ins allow your business to view not just customers’ location, but what they are doing and who they are doing it with. Launching a summer check-in promotion (where students receive a percentage off for checking in) increases your mobile engagement and allows customers to serve as mobile marketers themselves by advertising where they are to their friends and connections on social media.

Don’t be afraid to use alternate social applications.

Expand your businesses’ social media application through alternate social media applications such as Snapchat, Vine and even text-based products such as Text4Text or WhatsApp to offer a customer an assortment of social media applications to choose from.

Many businesses only promote themselves on “established” social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter), and fall into a routine of posting boring and repetitive content. Liven your content by writing about upcoming and current trends, which will attract college students, who are known to be the drivers and followers of trends.

Get creative.

Collecting social media check-ins is a good start to increase engagement, but creativity is important to create a lasting impression on customers. An example of a company that utilizes social media in a creative and engaging way is tubing company Texas State Tubes. They hire a photographer to shoot daily events and upload photos of their clients floating in tubes down the San Marcos River, and encourage customers to tag themselves and their friends. Texas State Tubes also updates their profile picture and cover photo to photos of their customers or photos customers took as a photo of the week.


Don’t forget about summer discounts.

Giving students an incentive to buy your product by creating a seasonal discount is one of the best strategies to attract new customers and retain current ones to increase sales. The right summer discount partnered with an advertising campaign can potentially brand your business a summer must-have service or product.  There are multiple ways to incorporate discounts into social media, such as “Like-gating”, which requires customers to like the Facebook page before redeeming a product’s discount. Like-gating brings in customers to the business and its social media platform simultaneously, which boosts engagement online and offline.

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