Surprising Facts about College Students

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There are many myths about how to engage college students as a business. Some brandsbelieve it is best to attract college students through crude humor, others by utilizing freebies orcoupons. Here are some facts that will provide insight into the life of college students. compiled a list of seven statistics and facts about the modern college students that brands should be aware of in order to engage them.

1. On average, students spend more than $13,000 per year.

Of this amount, about 19% is allocated towards discretionary items. This means students are spending about $211 per month on items like clothing, video games, jewelry, technology,etc. This shows that students have an immense amount of spending power that marketers should definitely take advantage of with multichannel marketing.

2. In a year, about 1,250,000 students transfer schools.

This shows that the student population is constantly shifting and changing. When marketing to college students, it is important to reinforce your brand and your products on a semester to semester basis, as new students are constantly entering or coming back from studying abroad. Make sure to reintroduce advertising strategies to remind students about why your brand and products are worth buying.

3. More females attend college than males.

775,000 male students enroll every year, while 1,575,000 female students enroll every year. While marketing to males should not be neglected, females are more apt to join organizations such as sororities or clubs. Reaching out to different clubs and organizations on campus that are solely for women work wonders for products that females are interested in – such as clothing or jewelry.

4. College students tend to be more liberal than conservative.

About 28 percent of students identify themselves as more liberal leaning, while only 21 percent identify as conservative. The rest lie in the middle of the political spectrum. When making general advertising campaigns, make sure to avoid making any offensive political comments.

5. The average college student attends 62 parties a year.

This shows that students love socializing – and your marketing strategy should reflect their desires to socialize, have fun, and live up life.

6. Students are more confident and want their voice to be heard.

Over 71 percent of freshman surveyed said they were in the top 10 percentile of students or performed above average in school. This shows that students are confident in what they have to say, and want to share that with others. Make sure to promote pictures with students using your product to encourage sharing on social media, host competitions, and ask for their feedback on your products. Students want to feel important outside of the classroom, and want to know their opinions and feelings are valuable and listened to.

7. Over half of students attend college no more than 100 miles away from home, with 37percent of students attending school less than 50 miles away.

Students are usually far away from home, but tend to find that where they attend school becomes a home away from home. Embrace the local happenings on campus by attending and participating in campus wide events, advertise on high traffic places on campus, and pay attention to local concerts and sporting events that tend to spark the interest of college students.

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