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It is certainly no secret to anyone involved in the marketing process that teamwork plays such a pivotal role in building a successful business connection between sellers and buyers. One man show marketing teams just don’t have the impact required to generate big volume sales, or long term relationships.

The same holds true if your company is trying to establish itself on the college campuses across the United States and Canada. Advertising to College Students is a tricky business, due in part to the wide range of personalities, styles, tastes, likes, and dislikes among the college residents. A successful marketing program therefore needs to be one that utilizes a broad range of advertising approaches, so that no matter what a student chooses as their main source of information, your ads will appear.

Build a solid connection On Campus between your team and the students

College Campus Marketing can be presented in the Campus Newspaper, on Billboards, in Text or Email messages, highlighting campus websites, on TV and Radio, or anywhere around school. With the advent of the smart phones, a device that most students have with them constantly, your message is a click away at any time, at any place.

Your advertisement can come in the form of promotional product give-aways, free samples, discount coupons, or pizza box ads. Attaching your message to items that students want, need, crave, desire, or can’t live without just works! It puts your company in the palm of their hands, and in the front of their minds.

To accomplish all of this well, your company should certainly have a staff of team players that can pursue the college market from many sides. Your team will need to get out and get involved on campus, get to know the students well, and devise many avenues that are likely to attract their attention, and their business. Because of the broad scope of the potential market, you will do well to have a broad range of professionals on your marketing team.

In addition to your own team, having an experienced, qualified agency at your side will help assemble the best possible programs to promote your products. OnCampus Advertising is constantly on the ready to help you develop a wide-reaching marketing strategy that will be most effective on campus. We can work with you and your players to organize a platform that is sure to attract business with the college students. Combining successful college newspaper advertising with on-line media will get your company noticed, and help build the long-term strong relationships critical to your success.

To learn more about how OnCampus can help your company, contact David Page directly at 617-523-9801 or email him today. With the prospective student tours getting underway, orientations on the horizon, and another brand new school year only months away, now is the right time to get the ball rolling. And get the bridge built between your team and the brave new world of college students!

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