Trends Marketers Should Know About Millenials

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Millennials have captured the minds and hearts of marketers everywhere. This is due to the fact that they are extremely different from previous generations, which means that they require a unique marketing approach. Over 10,000 millennials turn 21 in the US alone every day, which means that more and more consumers are fully entering the job and consumer market. It is important for marketers to comprehend the millennial mindset in order to learn how to advertise to them more efficiently. Here are some five general trends that are applicable to most millennials:

Millennials: More than a Generation, but a Mindset.

Millennials are defined as consumers ranging from ages 18 and 34, but the reason why this segment is so dynamic is because their outlook on the world varies. This is what sets them apart from other generations – not their age or income. They focus more on expressing themselves individually and not following the rules or general norm set up by previous generations. Knowing how millennials see the world will help in the way you choose to communicate with them.

They want freedom.

Millennials desire the freedom to move, to learn, and to define their identity through a series of trial and error. They have the freedom to switch colleges, switch majors, quit their cubicle job for their passions, pursue new hobbies and move cities. Businesses can fit into their fluid lifestyle by giving them the freedom to make their own choices when it comes to communicating with your brand or purchasing your products.

Service a must-have.

This generation is after personal, fast service so they can continue with their fast-paced and moving lifestyle. Across the US, marketers have noticed a shift towards a more service-based economy, which makes sense because it promotes convenience and efficiency. Emphasize your brand’s personal, friendly and fast service when it comes to your product or business.

They support charitable causes.

About 40% of millennials say they will support a brand or company that is doing good outside of business. Although this emphasis on philanthropy is not entirely new, the popularity of it is. This poses as a challenge for businesses, as they must ensure their consumers that they support philanthropic causes and are dedicated to giving back to the community without sounding like any other brand trying to show off. When it comes to this challenge, it is important for brands not to brag about the causes you support.

These general trends about millennials will assist in your marketing efforts and will help you better understand this generation and the mindsets behind their actions both as a consumer and as a community member.

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