The Benefits of Brand Ambassador Marketing

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Brand ambassadors are a great tool to assist up-and-coming businesses in getting their share of the market and building loyal customers. They are at your company’s service to represent your brand, promote your product as well as provide an identity to your brand in terms of appearance, values, voice and demeanor. Whether your business is a small one that is just starting to expand, or an older company looking to tap into the college market, brand ambassadors are the not-so-secret key to marketing success. College campuses are often large places filled with diverse students who have many different interests and tastes. Having a target audience member represent your brand and spread it to their peers will spread your message quickly and efficiently. Here are a few benefits to brand ambassador marketing:

Brand ambassadors bring a human face to your brand.

Students often want to see the behind the scenes of your company, to know that they are not just interacting with a large faceless brand. Having one of their peers talk about the brand in their own setting – whether it be on campus or off campus, brings a sort of humanity to the brand that they would have otherwise never discovered. Through social media and in person, brand ambassadors can discuss your brand’s message and translate the promises and qualities of your product you want your consumers to know about. These students can translate your message into their language, and discuss their own personal experiences with the product.

They increase your social reach exponentially.

The more people that are aware of your brand and what you stand for, the better. Many college students have hundreds or thousands of followers on social media, are members of clubs or Greek life that have many people, and interact with friends, classmates and roommates on a daily basis. By having just ten brand ambassadors, your brand has the opportunity to spread its message to thousands of people online and offline.

They will create positive buzz about your brand.

Positive word of mouth is more credible than negative word of mouth when it comes to a brand’s online image and reviews. According to the Keller Fay Group, only 8% of brand conversations are truly negative, while 66% of brand conversations are positive. If you have brand ambassadors promoting your company, you have more people who can be potential customers.

You can’t be everywhere – but they can.

Attending different events to promote your brand takes time, money and resources – and your brand can’t be on five different campuses at once. Brand ambassadors can volunteer to attend events they would already be attending with their friends on their campuses – and would be more than willing to represent your brand at these events.

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