The Benefits of Product Sampling

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Businesses looking to advertise a new product or test out rebrands or brand extensions should look no further than offering product samples. Product sampling continuously is one of the top marketing strategies because it has the ability that no other channel offers – placing the physical product in the hands of the consumer. Offering samples to potential customers gives them a taste of what your brand is about, the quality of your products, and why they are worth buying. The benefits of incorporating product sampling into your marketing budget are numerous – and will be profitable in the end.

Product samples build exposure to your brand and products.

Consumers, especially college students, are hesitant to branch out to unfamiliar brands and products that they know nothing about. College students are most likely to buy a product that has been recommending by their friends and family. By giving out or selling product samples, you offer the chance to eliminate that fear and allow them to test the product without dropping big bucks on something they may or may not enjoy. Sample sizes are usually just the right size for the consumer to get a taste or feel of what the product is like and if it obtains positive feedback, the consumer may be inclined to purchase the full product. Introducing this consumer confidence in your products is the first key step in building consumer loyalty.

One on one interaction with consumers and your product prompts immediate feedback.

Handing out samples to consumers will allow them to try on the product in front of a brand ambassador that will ultimately prompt a response about what they think. When consumers test out a product, they often make a note of what they like or dislike about the product, and often compare it to competitors’ products. Samples will provide insight into more what your target consumer is looking for – as they will be open to sharing and comparing your product to similar ones. You will be able to see what consumers like about your product, what you can improve, and how your product compares to competitors.

It is cost effective when phasing in new products.

Utilizing product samples in a marketing campaign is cost-effective when introducing new products because it is better to pinpoint mistakes in the introduction phase than after it is already on the shelves or online. Additionally, since the size of samples are generally a lot smaller in scale, you will be able to reach a larger part of your demographic for a fraction of the cost.

Although there are many benefits of implementing a product sampling marketing campaign, it is important to follow the steps needed to see if your product is a right fit for product sampling. Incorporating a business plan complete with a budget of developing and distributing samples, exact target market expected to reach, and research and development is crucial to having a successful campaign. For more information on how to start your product sampling marketing campaign for college students, contact us at OnCampus Advertising today.

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