The Future is Mobile Advertising to College Students

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“After years of hype, mobile advertising has finally arrived.”

-Tim Jones(Zenith Optimedia North America CEO)

College Mobile Advertising is rapidly becoming a major enabler that marketers cannot afford to ignore.   Recently, in the world of advertising, there has been a shift towards mobile advertisements.  People are now constantly connected due to the ease at which they can switch between devices. This shift towards constant connectivity has enabled advertisers to reach customers anytime, anyplace, on any device. For this reason, this once uncharted advertising vehicle is at a point where significant growth can be expected.  In fact, a recent survey conducted by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and tech researcher Ovum indicated that 19% of US mobile marketers said they planned to up their mobile ad budgets by 50% or more in the next two years.

Even though traditional online advertising is certainly still effective, it is predicted to peak in 2014. The question is, where will those extra PC ad dollars go?  You guessed it: mobile is taking center stage.  In fact, mobile advertising is becoming progressively easier to segment and target and this, in turn, is driving the growth of spending for brands and advertisers.

Furthermore, in 2013, there was a 75% growth in U.S. mobile ad spending and according to AdvertisingAge, spending will hit $8 billion. In addition to this, eMarketer estimates mobile banner advertising is expected to grow 100% this year and 54% next year.  One could easily argue, however, that since today’s youth are in many cases more technology savvy than their elders, smartphones and mobile devices of all types may be even more effective in reaching the critical youth segment that so many marketers wish to target.

So what does it all mean?

In essence, college mobile advertising should be integrated into an advertiser’s overall marketing campaign in order to connect with their audience in specific, actionable ways.  We, at OnCampus Advertising, expect to see mobile play a key part in almost every university’s advertising strategy by next year.   At OnCampus we want to help you capitalize on these opportunities and develop new strategies for your business to win by leveraging college mobile advertising.

OnCampus Advertising can help your business engage consumers through our youth mobile advertising capabilities.  Our media services include college newspapers, online, mobile, out-of-home displays, brand ambassadors and more. OCA excels at developing and facilitating campus-specific media campaigns all across the world, with the primary focus being on colleges in the United States and Canada.

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