The Magic of the College Newspaper

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When it comes to marketing marvels on campus, nothing beats the College Newspaper. Here is a publication totally about the college students. They are run by students, written by students, all about students and their activities, and read by students. From their perspective, which is what matters here, it totally works!

Students are all about College Newspapers On Campus!

From the standpoint of advertising to college students, companies should grab hold of this golden opportunity to reach this premium target audience. Businesses cannot find a more well accepted and well read medium, that is adored by the prospective customers. The College Advertising Network represents a collection of many media sources, for sure, and they are all visited by the student population, but the student newspapers just seem to hit the mark.

If you have been considering getting your company and products into the college campus marketplace, stop by OnCampus Advertising and let us walk you through all of the tremendous opportunities available there. Our mission is to help you develop a solid marketing program that reaches out and connects with the students on college campuses across the United States and Canada.

OnCampus Advertising has spent years doing the leg work, researching what works on campus, and what attracts the students. We have traveled around colleges, walked the campuses, talked with the students, and done the analysis to know what will work. Observing students on campus to see what they are reading or listening to or looking at during the student day, helps give us great perspective about how to reach them.

Contact us online today and let us help your business get started on campus. Or give David Page a call directly at 617-523-9801, and talk with him about the many possibilities that exist for a company like yours. We know every company is different, and so are the products or services that they sell. Our team players like David Page will take the time to listen to your unique situation, and what makes your company appealing. And together, we can put together a marketing campaign that will do the job for you. Let our OnCampus team of industry professionals guide you through the planning and execution processes to create an impactful campaign. With student tours and orientations on the horizon, there is not a better time than now to get yours started.

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