The Spending Habits of College Students: The Focus Is Still On Food

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There have been changes in college demographics that have gradually occurred over the past ten years that needs to be taken into account when developing college campus marketing strategies. People fresh out of high school still make up the largest number of college students but an increasing number of college students are in their mid-twenties. More college students are also working part time jobs to help support themselves during their college experience.

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This trend translates into more people going to college with more money to spend. The types of foods that college students consume have changed little but the amount spent on food has probably increased. It is true that affordable meal plans are an essential part of the college experience for students who live on campus but many of those same students are also dining out on a consistent basis. Even going to coffee shops plays a huge role in the college student economy as some students easily spend over a hundred dollars per month at such locales.Companies that focus their campus advertising on food and drink are reaching a very important market with the college age demographic. OnCampus Advertising enables such companies to connect with a huge number of college students with a variety of campus media strategies. To learn more about how your company can connect with this important demographic, call David Page at 617-523-9801 or e-mail him at

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