The Success of Pokemon GO from a Marketing Standpoint

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The highly popular mobile game Pokemon GO has been generating massive headlines, and the hype has only just begun. The mobile app’s game developer Niantic is preparing to amp up their strategy from a gaming and advertising point of view. The mobile app uses augmented reality to send players on a quest to hunt and train for Pokemon in the real world. The app became so popular that it hassurpassed the dating app Tinder on Android device installs and has more downloads and revenue than any other iPhone app in the US. Additionally, the Guardian also reported that Pokemon GO’s active users have surpassed Twitter’s users.


The app has the potential for massive revenue from in-app purchases and advertising.

The game’s popularity alone has generated billions of dollars for Nintendo’s market capitalization. However, the app has the potential to generate even more revenue by allowing more opportunities for in app purchases for special content, or in-app advertisements for local or big businesses. Sponsored locations will be introduced for the app, and Niantic is looking into working on a branded relationship with McDonald’s. In order to increase revenue for mobile apps, be open to in-app purchases and advertising, as well as branded relationships to ally with other influential brands.


The app fosters a strong community base of users.

The Pokemon brand has been around since 1996 and has maintained popularity through video games, card games and anime comics. The app has a very loyal following, with 60% of those who have downloaded it use it daily. Not only are the game bringing together Pokemon enthusiasts, but they are also attracting new users who are interested in playing with the game’s unique augmented reality aspects. When introducing a mobile marketing strategy, it is important to foster a sense of community between your users or build one gradually through unique characteristics.


Location is key.

Because the app uses a significant amount of data to play, it is constantly drawing consumer’s location and making it a key experience to the game. Whenever you go somewhere new with the app, you can run into new Pokemon to collect. This aspect of location-based marketing is important for local businesses to get out their to their college student consumers. Businesses around campuses or on campus can attract college students by introducing Pokemon GO into their strategy – by making a Pokemon themed bar crawl or incorporating Pokemon into marketing content.

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