Think You Know Millennials? Think Again

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For years, millennials have been subjected to stereotypes and generalizations. However, these 97 million individuals are much more unique than given credit for.  In an effort to illustrate the diversity of the Millenial Generation, MediaPost has segmented this diverse generation into 5 distinct categories.

  • At 20% of the population there are the Supremes.  This group consists of privileged, high achievers, who put in great effort to maintain their respective images.
  • Next are the Alternative Idealists who truly value their individuality and creativity and focus on environmentally friendly practices and the well-being of others.
  • The traditional millennial group, The Moralistic Middles, can be identified by their strong family values and their tendency to strive for a stable, happy, and settled life.
  • The Muted Millennials, who represent 28% of the population, consistently struggle to hold down meaningful jobs and still haven’t found their “path”.
  • The smallest millennial group is comprised of the Beta Dogs.  Although they are typically settled and married, this male-dominated group lives for adrenaline-rushes and they are often characterized as partiers.

OCA understands how important it is to understand this complicated millenial demographic. We use a variety of media approaches including college newspapers to target students on campuses to make sure we span the groups. The better you understand your market, the more successful you can be in your campaign.

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