Before Emailing College Students, Marketers Should Ask These Questions

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Some of the biggest challenges businesses face is how to identify and reach out the specified target market of college students. According to the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Millennial Generation Research Review, this demographic is likely to be the most studied generation. College students fall within this demographic, and are likely to follow the same behaviors as millennials. The full market potential of college students, however, have yet to be realized as they can easily influence their peers. In order to execute email programs that are effective and show results, here are some questions to consider before creating your college student email marketing campaign:

Is it relevant?

The best way to capture the college student’s attention is often the biggest challenge, because they are constantly surrounded by media and advertising every day. Finding a way that separates your brand from the buzz is essential to get your target market to listen to what you have to say. Make sure college students’ preferences and interests align with what your brand stands for. It is also important to keep in mind that what is relevant to one college student is not necessarily relevant to another. Therefore, it is important to segment your market by different interests, club memberships, gender, and other defining characteristics.

Is it authentic?

Authenticity is really valued by college students. However, this goes beyond the concern of whether the brand itself is authentic. The marketing must also be authentic. Being genuine makes your brand and your employees more relatable and approachable to college students. It also opens the opportunity to build relationships. Let the personality of your brand shine in emails – share stories about your experiences that are relatable. Sharing the story and reason of how your brand and product came to be can really peak the interest of college students and make them interested for more.

Can it be easily shared?

College students always share their tastes, preferences and experiences with brands and products with their peers. What makes this possible is the availability and influence of social media and the Internet. Emails should be seamlessly connected to other marketing platforms. This makes it easy to navigate and reach your social media accounts within emails. Whether it be promotions or content, make your email have easy to read buttons that they can share your offers with all of their online friends on any and every platform they are engaged on.


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