Three Ways Startup Companies Can Build Loyalty with College Students

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One of the main challenges for startup companies is how to market their brand and install brand loyalty to their customer base of college students. Customer loyalty is no easy feat – which is why companies pump a lot of money in their budget to attract repeat buyers. Because the college student generation has an estimated purchasing power of up to $600 billion, it is beneficial to build a long-lasting relationship. Here are three ways startups can start building up customer loyalty:


  1. Emphasize quality

Regardless of how sophisticated your products or services are, if the brand is substandard, college students won’t be returning. Being obsessed with building quality products is about caring for your customer and having that drive to want to build them the best product ever. Quality products that work, have great designs and features are more likely to be shared and recommended to peers. No matter the price tag of your product or service, make sure to emphasize its quality.

  1. Be there when your customer needs you

There is no excuse to stay silent, unavailable or absent whenever a college student is having a problem with your product. You must be available and ready to tackle any response, challenge, or suggestion that comes your way. This can take the form of responding over social media, being physically on campus, or having a customer service team. Being in business does not mean just selling products, it also is about providing your customer with the right information they need to solve any issues.

  1. Be social online and offline

There are many ways to put a human face and character to a startup company to attract prospective college students. Start with constant communication by reaching out to say hi or ask their opinion about a product. This can be done during fairs or events on campus, or online through social media or email. You should also reach out to them on their turf: whether it be their favorite social media channel or favorite place to hang out on campus.


The goal is to keep college students satisfied with what you are offering, which will encourage repeat buying. For more information on how to market your company to college students, contact us at OnCampus Advertising.

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