Tips for Advertising to College Students

Advertising to College Students
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Advertising to college students isn’t always easy. Advertisements bombard students not only everywhere they go but also every time they look at their phone (which is, typically, a lot). Many students do not actively engage with things immediately perceived as an ad. Even those that do cannot possibly recall everything they have seen. For these reasons it’s important to find ways to stand out and make sure you appeal to college students. Here’s some tips for making that happen:


Grab Their Attention

This may seem like common sense, but too often brands continue to ignore the importance of this. College students see so many different advertisements even just in a day, so it is near-impossible for their brains to retain information about them all, or even a majority. One way to stand out is to make sure you’re ad is visually appealing, eye-catching, and unique. This will be more likely to draw in students and make them attracted to your ad. Adding unique or other unexpected features will ensure they continue to engage and more likely to remember it.


Make It Engaging

Often with a traditional video advertisement, many college students will disengage themselves almost instantly. Thanks to the ubiquity of internet-based advertising to college students, there is a much greater opportunity to make an ad more engaging. Do this by asking questions about a user’s experience, making the ad into some sort of mini-game, and more. Doing this will ensure the people you target are not zoning out and are far more likely to retain information about your brand.


Entertain Them

Simply talking about your brand or product is often no longer an effective way to advertise to college students. To ensure students are paying attention to the ad, keep them focused with entertainment. Comedy, drama, or any other method you can think of can achieve this goal. This will increase both their attention to the ad when they see it and their retention of it later.

When entertaining your audience avoid these mistakes.


Pull, Don’t Push

In the end, advertising towards college students really comes down to the mantra that they should be pulled in. They don’t enjoy having anything forced or seemingly forced on them, and could potentially ignore something they would actually like as a result of this. Present your ad in a way that pulls them in, instead of forcing it on them. As a result are more likely to stay engaged and potentially answer a call to action.


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