Tips for College Recruitment Advertising

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College Recruitment Advertising Overview

When it comes to finding the best possible talent for your company’s entry level jobs, targeting college students can be quite effective. Making a connection with college students before they graduate can provide a head start on finding the best future talent for your business. In order to be most effective, it’s important to ensure that best practices are being followed when targeting college students. Here are some tips for college recruitment advertising from the National Association of Colleges and Employers:

Build and Maintain Campus Relationships

When it comes to recruiting soon-to-be college graduates, it’s important to establish a presence on campus. This will put you in the minds of students as they begin considering what to do with their post-grad lives. However, it is not enough to just make a brief appearance. The most successful recruiters will be in it for the long-haul. Continuing to appear and recruit students will create a known presence of the company on campus, and allow it to stay in the minds of future grads for years to come.

Choose Target Schools Carefully

It is easy to say you want to target the best schools, but that isn’t always effective. Different businesses have different needs and will thus need to focus on different schools. A variety of factors should be influencing firm’s decision of where to recruit from. These can include school location, size, availability and popularity of specific majors, student demographics and more. Doing the proper research into the schools you wish to recruit from will ensure your recruiting process is done as effectively and efficiently as possible. This will make it your college recruitment advertising more cost effective as well.

Set Realistic Recruiting Goals

It can be easy to decide you hope to hire a certain number of students. But without thinking things through, this can become a more difficult task. Some recruiters have unexpectedly believed more candidates would be available than actually are. Before beginning to recruit it’s important to research the school you are recruiting from. How many students are this school? How many are in a major relevant to the job(s) I wish to fill? Are my competitors trying to recruit as well? Asking questions like this provides a more realistic look at exactly what the talent pool available to you will look like.

Include an Internship Program

Internships are a great way to reach out to students, particularly if you aren’t looking to make full-time hires in the moment. This allows your business to continue engaging with the campus and ensure the connection between your business and the school continues. Internships also allow a business to reach out to students earlier in their college career. This allows you to assess students before they are officially looking for a permanent job. Students who impress during internships can then be potentially hired to full-time positions down the line.

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