Traditional Advertising Media Developing to Address the Younger Generation

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The world is becoming more technologically advanced everyday which has forced advertisers to create new forms of media to reach their target consumers. In the past few years trends such as mobile marketing and online advertising have taken off. However, with this increase in technological based advertising, one has to wonder if more traditional forms of advertising such as out-of-home are still doing their job of drawing in the consumer or if they are now being glanced over.

With the rise of the millennial generation, out-of-home advertising is beginning to become more technologically based as well, especially on college campuses. Colleges have begun installing video screens and digital signs all across their campuses to keep up with their technologically savvy student body. According to eCampus News and Northern Sky Research by the end of 2011 there were over 13,000 digital signs installed on college campuses, available to advertise on; with that number growing by the thousands each year.

This development of out-of-home advertising has a lot of advantages over the more traditional forms. For example, digital forms of out of home advertising allow for user interaction. Several of these digital signs are touch screen enabled which allows for a more interactive user experience than simple billboards. Digital, out-of-home advertising also allows for more specificity in reaching the advertisers desired target audience. For instance, a coffee shop can hold advertising space around breakfast time, when more consumers are likely to go there, while a pizza place could hold the same advertising space around lunch and/or dinner. The ease of changing the advertising could allow an advertiser to gain the most profitable impressions because they can advertise only during the most relevant times for their product.

The advancement of technology today is happening fast, and while traditional forms of advertising such as static billboards, newspaper advertising and radio commercials are still relevant and successful many media forms are adapting the ways of the future to stay relevant with the younger generations.

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