Understanding the College Student Market

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Nobody needs to be reminded that, collectively, college students represent a huge market in the United States. This fall alone, students spent an estimated $30 billion on back to campus essentials such as school supplies, laptops, mobile phones, toiletries, bedding etc.  Far gone is the day of grabbing a carpet from the basement or a lamp from your older brother’s room. Young adults, many of whom are enrolled in colleges and universities throughout the country, have a discretionary expenditure of more than $76 billion a year. This demographic is developing brand relationships and spending habits that could last a lifetime, so it is pivotal for brands to tap into this market while it has the chance and colleges provide the perfect medium for such exposure. Many firms have indeed realized this fact but the question remains, how can your brand stand out from the pack?

College students are a savvy group with strong ties to the latest technology and social media, as well as, the latest clothing and entertainment. They are no different when it comes to marketing message and brand distinction. Make no mistake, this demographic is under constant bombardment of product and service offerings throughout their daily lives, so it is imperative to form an authentic campaign that moves quickly and is relevant to their lifestyle. It is important for you, as an advertiser, to understand the student, engage them and show how your offering can add value to their lives. Don’t be afraid to get creative! This authentic branding is an important first step for an effective marketing campaign but how you reach them is equally as significant. Also, be sure to remember that the student demographic relies heavily on one another in terms of recommendations before making a purchase.

Keeping up with college students’ behavioral patterns is another important facet to your marketing strategy. Students are digital natives and marketing mavens who spend vast amounts of time on social media networks and platforms while on campus, as well as off campus. Ensuring your campaign remains directly in the vision of the student is vital to oust competitors and boost awareness. Oncampus Advertising continually adapts its product offering to facilitate these changing trends, allowing its clients to deliver effective mobile and online advertising campaigns. This, in turn, ensures that your campaign remains directly in the vision of the student even when they are sitting in class or playing games on their phone, or both.

Another key factor is diversification and integrating a multi-faceted integrative strategy that taps into the college market. This enables advertisers to influence students in all of the places where they live study and play. Oncampus Advertising, with a wide portfolio of media offerings, enables their clients to keep up with the modern student, connecting with them via traditional, online, and in-person media outlets. From traditional newspapers and brand ambassadors to online and mobile solutions, Oncampus advertising is able to reach the student at all the critical touch points.

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