Use Coupons to Target Generation Y

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With college enrollments expected to grow twelve percent from 2008-2016, it is more important than ever for marketers to understand the mentality of Generation Y, or Generation ME as they are sometimes called.

This generation of 18-29 year olds is typically characterized as a group that appreciates immediate gratification. When marketing to them, it is extremely important to be direct in your communication and provide them with an action step that results in a positive personal outcome.

College campus advertising is a growing trend, and advertising to college students by providing a coupon for your product is a great way to target this group.

Consider starting your marketing campaign with college newspaper advertising that includes a coupon for visiting your place of business. Ninety-one percent of those considered Generation Y make their check-ins public on Facebook and Foursquare so not only could your coupon pull someone in the door, the resulting post on social networks may broadcast that visit to hundreds of others.

To learn more about how college newspaper advertising can work for your company and its products, goods, or services, take a look at OnCampus Advertising. We specialize in helping you develop solid campus marketing programs, that are designed to get you noticed by the Generation Y crowd. Contact us online, or call OnCampus Advertising directly at 617-523-9801 today!

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