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College students today are the most connected generation. By spending your advertising dollars on this market, you can easily broaden your reach by ten times or more. How?

Consider marketing to college students using college newspaper advertising placements. These newspapers have an average readership equal to 82 percent and can provide a great way to get your product in front of the student population.

If you create compelling newspaper ads that encourage action, a viewer might compose a tweet, post a status update or even check in at one of your locations. Social sharing of your marketing message by your target population can quickly snowball your reach to dozens – even hundreds of others. It can also serve as a personal recommendation for friends and family to try your product.

Take advantage of great advertising opportunities where the college audience is concerned by contacting OnCampus Advertising at 617-523-9801 today. You can also visit us online to learn more.

Our experts have spent years developing advertising for college students. We can help you get noticed in this valuable market.

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