Using College Media to Recruit for Job Openings

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Graduation season is heating up at colleges and universities across the country as millions of collegiate seniors prepare to enter the real world. Many of these students will go directly into the work force and have full-time jobs lined up, or made plans to go straight to some sort of graduate school. However, many do not and are still looking for employment. Likewise, many companies are recruiting hard to get these soon-to-be graduates to apply to work for them. With summer approaching, other students are looking for summer internships to advance themselves with their time off and companies are seeking to add summer interns as well.

Many colleges have career fairs open to local and national employers, but it can be tough for companies to differentiate themselves from the pack at those events. Fortunately, there are other ways to get onto college campuses and capture students’ attention. Placing advertisements in the school’s print or online newspaper or on out-of-home advertising around campus is a great way to supplement a company’s presence at a career fair or to gain students’ attention for the first time.

With classes winding down and future plans being made, this time of year is ideal for running such campaigns on college campuses. OnCampus Advertising has worked with several Fortune 500 companies in the past to help them achieve the goal of increasing job applications among college students through the use of college media.  All of these companies have seen noticeable increases and most of them have continued to run advertising campaigns on college campuses annually or even semi-annually. OnCampus Advertising can help with your company’s college recruiting efforts.

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